Rebel Generations: A Family Trilogy part 2 (RR 018)

Creative strategist & grandmom Jan Black

This is part 2 of our special event called Rebel Generations, today featuring Jan Black.

Jan had a bit of a tumultuous childhood. Her home was unstable yet strict, and as a coping mechanism she found herself embracing creativity every chance she got growing up.

She did not graduate from college, but her enthusiasm and creativity invited opportunities. With no formal training, she eventually found herself teaching, and writing curriculum and books. She was always willing to try something new, and her mindset approach of “How hard could that be?” has served her well.

How did all of that play into her relationships with Jody and her grandson Riley?
What drives her to continue to create, build, and start new projects to this day?
How did she feel when she was told Riley decided not to go to college?

The wisdom and insights that Jan shares in this episode from her life experiences are truly inspiring.


Show notes:

Jan’s website: The Black Brand

Rebel Generations: A Family Trilogy part 1 (RR 017)

Courageous mom: Jody Temple White

Very excited to present to you our special event beginning today called Rebel Generations, a trilogy where we will be sharing 3 unique stories from 3 generations of rebels.

Part 1 features Jody Temple White, a mom who led her whole family in a decision to sell their belongings and travel the world together for 9 months.

What inspired her to make that decision?
What led her to decide she wanted to change high schools right before her senior year?
How did the experience of traveling with her whole family for 9 months affect their relationships?
What types of things does her close-knit family do to stay engaged with one another?

She’s setting a new standard for family dynamic, and she can help all of us who seek tighter relationships with our kids to do the same.


Show notes:

Jody’s book, Riley’s book, and more can be found on Jody’s website: The Courage Vibe
The Courage Vibe on Facebook

Rhyming For The Best Reasons (RR 016)

Servant leader: Austin Martin

Although Austin was very bright, he was not a good student in grade school as he couldn’t find any excitement or interest in schoolwork. His interest in hip hop and basketball however was very apparent, as he could recite any lyric from his favorite artists, and any Allen Iverson stat you could think of.

Attending college however was very much a priority in his home, so in high school he buckled down and got serious about his studies. Always the curious person, through his love of hip hop he began to see connections between rap artist lyrics and things he was learning in school.

Combined with and driven by his strong commitment and desire to serve others, this was the genesis of his organization Rhymes With Reason which leverages lyrics from rap music to teach kids SAT vocabulary words and lots more.

Most impressive about Austin though is his greater perspective on his role in the world. His purpose and desire to serve others that drives him and his business, simply makes him an outstanding example of a human being.

Did I mention he’s only a senior in college?

Show notes:
Rhymes With Reason website
On Instagram (check out their free flash cards!)
Austin’s email:

Other things discussed in this show:
NBA Math Hoops, CEO Khalil Fuller
Austin’s TEDx talk
NPR story on Rhymes With Reason

Exploring the Lightness of Being (RR 015)

Kïrsten explores the meaning of BEing in this world

Kïrsten is the creator and host of the excellent Chapter BE podcast, where she explores and examines how to navigate or create change to live authentically to your true self. To BE who you want to be in each chapter of your life.

After her (Bill O’Reilly-induced) passion for education led her down a path of attaining her masters degree, work as an educator, public education reform in Washington DC, and work at a non-profit, she burned out.

As Kïrsten explored her options on what to do next through speaking to others, she found that she not only loved hearing other people’s stories, but they were also very helpful in understanding her own. Thus the Chapter BE podcast was born.

Since our podcasts share a lot of interests, intent, and curiosities, we decided to team up for a collaboration and chat about what we’ve learned to hopefully others with their journey to find purpose and passion in their lives.


Show notes:

ChapterBE links:


Teaching Life-Changing Fearlessness Thru Art (RR 014)


Artist, educator Chad Attie: Art is a “foreign language” that provides skills for life

Chad feels ruled by his senses, and had a realization at a very young age that he loved and wanted to pursue art. He says however that he felt like an “alien” in his own family that was primarily made up of doctors and lawyers.

He had an illness in 8th grade that served as a game-changer for him, and had a very strong impact on his life to this day. Nothing was going to stop him from pursuing his passion from that point forward.

Now as an artist and educator, he works to impart the perspective of an artist on his students, as he feels it has the capability of teaching a fearlessness that can change the way they look at things in life.

He also talks about an important key factor that he credits to his passion-filled life – supportive parents.


Show notes:
Chad’s website:
Twitter: @slipslipblack
Instagram: @chad_attie
Pinterest: The Pink Lion


Other things discussed in this show:
Artist Chaim Soutine
El Greco
Vik Muniz – peanut butter and jelly Mona Lisa
Nijinski (Russian ballet dancer)
Bruce Lee – “Be Water My Friend”


Empowering Moms to Turn Their Sh*t Show Into Their Mojo (RR 013)


Laurie Joy: Helping moms reclaim their mojo

Education is highly regarded in Laurie’s family, so she was headed down a path of being a career educator in the traditional sense.

Then one day as she was taking a photo of her husband and her son, she suddenly realized something was missing from that photo: her. That moment led her to a journey of self-discovery and self-care.

Emerging from the other side, she felt so great that she had to share her knowledge with other moms who were going through the same thing. Her mission is to help moms find their mojo, which in turn helps raise more well-rounded, confident kids – the kind of kids that will make positive impacts in the world.

Show notes:

The Mojo Mama site (check out her free top tips to get organized in 10 minutes or less)
Mojo Mama on Facebook
Mojo Mama on Instagram

Adventures in Unschooling and Self-Directed Learning (RR 012)


Blake Boles: Author, Educator, Traveler

Blake had done a bit of traveling as a kid, and was headed down the traditional path of life. As a straight A student he went to college to study astrophysics b/c he was best at math and science in high school (plus he loved the Jodie Foster movie Contact).

He soon realized in college however that he did not love math as much as he thought he did. Instead of paying attention to his professor during lectures he found himself memorizing as many digits of Pi that he could because they were displayed in his classroom.

Around the same time however he was introduced to a book called “A Different Kind of Teacher” by John Taylor Gatto.

Gatto, who after teaching for 30 years and winning both the New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year awards in the same year, resigned and wrote an op ed in the Wall Street Journal saying that he was retiring from teaching because he “didn’t want to make a living hurting kids anymore.”

Combined with his past experiences, that was the catalyst that inspired Blake to pursue a path of alternative education and his passion to educate youth of self-directed learning through travel and exploration.

Show notes:
Blake’s travel company: Unschool Adventures
Blake’s books:

Other books and resources we talked about:

Aiming For Gold: Audrey sets her sights on 2020 Olympics (RR 011)

Audrey Hong

Junior Olympian Audrey Hong (photo: USA Archery)

Audrey tried a lot of different things growing up – art, sports, musical instruments.  Then when she was 8 years old, her dad took her to check out some free archery lessons at the local public park for fun. All of a sudden she found herself super interested, and asking lots of questions.

Now at age 17, she’s focused on her goal of competing in the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. But that goal requires making sacrifices, including for her mom and dad who had certain expectations for their daughter.

Show notes:

Audrey’s Instagram

U.S. Archery Coach Ki-Sik Lee
Joy Lee Archery Academy
Chula Vista Olympic Training Center
2016 Rio Olympian Mackenzie Brown

Dad and Daughter Rebels By Necessity, Not By Choice (RR 010)


Dad & daughter rebels: Drishti and Amarpal

Growing up in India, Amarpal knew early on that he wanted to pursue a different path than the one his family was pushing him towards. He became a rebel by necessity and not by choice when his parents passed away when he was a teenager. Taking a different path than what was expected of him has provided him with a perspective that he now passes on to his kids.

His daughter Drishti is a recent high school grad. While surrounded by friends who have chosen to take the more conventional path, she’s appreciated her dad’s thoughtful approach to questioning and analyzing things when making life decisions.

Together they have formed a strong parent child partnership to help Drishti pursue a meaningful and purposeful life.

Mom and Daughter Just Say Hello to the Homeless (RR 009)


Rory and Jennifer spread compassion and hellos

Jennifer has never been content with the jobs that she has had. She would find something that she was interested in, master it to a degree, then inevitably reach a point of where she needed to move on. Service and community have always been important values for her, so she became a social worker. Yet even with her masters degree in hand, low wages combined with difficult work while helping at risk people began to take its toll over time.

She searched for something different, so she decided to take her daughter on a 4 month adventure of traveling to volunteer at shelters across the country to help raise awareness for the homeless.

Their adventure so far has provided them with some beautiful moments, and a once in a lifetime experience for them both.  They are now sharing their stories and of the people they meet on their website and on Facebook, and are letting people know that just by saying hello, it can make a tremendous difference for a person to not feel invisible, if even for just a moment.


Show notes (links can also be found at

Just Say Hello Tour website

Make a contribution to their tour! All donations go first and foremost to paying for food, water, socks, and toiletries that are donated to those who are homeless as they go from city to city
Just Say Hello Donations Page

Follow Jennifer and Rory’s tour on: