Rebel. The word has such a negative connotation to it.

I prefer to call “a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition” an individual. An independent thinker. A person who not only accepts, but defends, and celebrates the differences that they have with others.

If you are a parent who thinks a lot about wanting to help your kids discover who they are as individuals, who shuns society’s pre-defined label for what it thinks your child should be, or a parent who wants to help your kids find and pursue a life of wonderment, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness even if it’s an unpopular choice, then this community is for you.

Maybe some of these thoughts have crossed your mind. Society’s playbook of “Go to school, get good grades, and get a good job,” is antiquated and following the status quo has proven to lead to an unfulfilled life for too many adults. I’m guessing you may know many people that aren’t happy with their jobs and feel like something is missing in their lives as well.

Education is important, but it extends far beyond the walls of a classroom. We rely way too much on our schools and teachers to shape the future of our kids, and we don’t stop to think about how our kids learn in relation to what they’re being taught.

There’s too much focus on the external (i.e. grades, appearance, resume, job, salary, etc.) and not enough focus on the internal, cooperation, knowledge, creativity, and curiosity.

We parents have an opportunity to break that cycle for our kids, by providing them with different perspectives, and exploring alternative options to pursue in life. To help them explore who they are, who they want to be, and what they want to do.

How do they find something they’re passionate about? How do we identify and navigate society’s influences and expectations? How do we help them be comfortable and confident in their own skin?

My mission is to explore and learn from the life paths of “rebels,” so we can then apply their lessons to our own family’s lives.

Have fun exploring the episodes, and I hope you find some helpful information for you and your family’s journey.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Rebellion.
– Paul

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  1. Antoni Baszczeski says:

    What F.Znaniecki wrote in 1925 “About Creative School” (he was a Polish sociologist working the US).
    “It is obvious that significant, profound transformation of our civilization that will enable its further existence and development can only come from the educational revolution, not the revolution: political, economic, or technical ….
    It is therefore necessary to pedagogy, preparing people for their social functions, go ahead and completely broke with the existing aims and methods, he declared open fight today’s utilitarianism and schematic approach, and completely turned today’s attitude of human values and the value of property.
    Revolution needed this can be described in the following slogan: Rather than prepare a man to the position to be taken, to teach him to create for itself a sphere of action, socially fruitful, and corresponding to its individuality…”

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