Raising Rebellion Year 1 (RR 028)

What an incredible and fulfilling ride this year has been. It’s taken me to places where I’ve had the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world including all across the United States as well as other countries such as England, Denmark, Greece, and South Africa.

This short episode is about the past, the future, and all that I’m thankful for.

Here’s a quick summary reference guide to all of the year 1 episodes. A huge shout out and thank you to all of the wonderful rebels that so graciously shared their stories with me so far:

Ep. 1: Gina Ingram Murray – how a girl turned a disability into a tremendous ability to travel with her family and worldschool her kids

Ep. 2: Danielle Szasz – how a straight A student and once high powered lawyer left law to find purpose to serve and help others

Ep. 3: Jon Phenom – a college dropout who became an entrepreneur and apparel brand designer (the most listened to episode!)

Ep. 4: Mary Ting – how a teacher of 18 years found a love of writing (and “Twilight”) to become an award winning author

Ep. 5: Michelle Jones – a college professor flips higher education upside down and starts a college to put 100% focus on the student and not the degree

Ep. 6: Bill Ratner – Hollywood voiceover artist on when he found his “I can do that” moment

Ep. 7:  Steven Li – an engineer by education who found a love of photography and created a lifestyle for himself

Ep. 8: Steven Briginshaw – an accountant by trade who now helps people create lifestyle passion businesses

Ep. 9: Jennifer Underwood – mom and young daughter travel the country to say hello to the homeless

Ep. 10: Drishti and Amarpal Narang – dad and daughter work together to take unconventional paths towards creating purpose and a meaningful life

Ep. 11: Audrey Hong – how an 8 year old found archery through experience and is now competing for a spot in the 2020 Olympics

Ep. 12: Blake Boles – explorer, traveler, and big advocate of self-directed learning for kids

Ep. 13: Laurie Joy – a mama who found purpose in helping other moms regain their mojo

Ep. 14: Chad Attie – an artist and educator who views art as a foreign language that provides life skills

Ep. 15: Kïrsten Blake – an educator who examines how to live authentically with her wonderful site Chapter BE

Ep. 16: Austin Martin – a college student who used his love of hip hop to teach high school students SAT vocabulary words

Ep. 17: Jody Temple White – part 1 of a family trilogy, a mom who asks wonderful “What if” questions with her family and takes them on a 9 month family trip journey around the world

Ep. 18: Jan Black – part 2 of the family trilogy, Jody’s mom shares her story of always being willing to try new things and her approach of “How hard could that be?”

Ep. 19: Riley Temple – family trilogy part 3 finds “adventure capitalist” Riley on how everything for him changed when he figured out his love of learning existed outside the traditional classroom teaching model

Ep. 20:  Kasha and Marla Slavner – a 15 year old girl decides she wants to travel overseas to make a film on global citizenship, and teams up with her mom to make it happen

Ep. 21: Anthony Farinha – a story that is so telling about how relationships and experience can influence someone to pursue passion (episode with the record for most launch day downloads!)

Ep. 22: Anthony Johnson – Anthony flunked several grades, and dropped out of high school at the recommendation of his high school “guidance counselor.” Today he is Teacher of the Year for his district, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and TED-Ed Innovator where his students have some of the highest scores in the state.

Ep. 23: Ethan Knight – after experiencing tremendous positive effects in his life from travel, Ethan works to create similar experiences for students through gap year programs

Ep. 24: Nicole Richards – after a realization that she had “been sold a bill of goods” in the working world, Nicole shares her life exploration journey and her meditation practice to serve others

Ep. 25: Maddie Baden and Emily Smith – the story of when a high school junior and school newspaper co-editor was confronted with whether questioning authority was a good idea (her newly hired principal), and finding courage to step (far) outside her comfort zone

Ep. 26: Charlie Taibi – CEO of UnCollege shares his approach of helping young students self-direct their own learning and reclaim their authentic paths in life

Ep. 27: Sunny Sangha – on paper he has some of the best school credentials perhaps in the world, but Sunny realized he was never asked one fundamental question throughout his formal education – what kind of life he wanted to live. He now respectfully considers himself a “servant of transition” to help others answer that question for themselves

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