How To UnCollege And Gain Your Life Back (RR 026)

Education enthusiast Charlie Taibi

All the way up through high school, you were probably asked plenty of times what you want to be when you grow up. But did you ever take the time to think about who your true self was, your “why,” and how you wanted to be in this world?

UnCollege is a gap year program that empowers students to take control of their own learning choices via experiences, and perhaps most importantly they give their students the permission to find and become themselves. They deliberately teach practical, soft skills and develops them via Supported Self-Directed Learning to prepare students for their next step in life, whether that includes college or not.

Charlie Taibi is the CEO of UnCollege. He shares his journey, what UnCollege offers that traditional colleges don’t, and what he enjoys most about his work.


Show notes:

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