High School Journalists’ Reporting Goes Viral (RR 025)

The high school reporting team that broke the internet

Maddie, a junior in high school and co-editor of her school newspaper, was assigned a story to write about a newly hired principal for her high school. After an interview and some research, things weren’t adding up and she was questioning the facts. She talked to her advisor Mrs. Smith, who coached her on next steps to follow up on her story.

Maddie then sent “the scariest e-mail she’s ever sent,” which included follow up questions to the new principal.

That began a roller coaster of events for Maddie and her fellow team of reporters, the “Pittsburg Six” (as Mrs. Smith refers to them). Under Mrs. Smith’s guidance and coaching, they found the courage to step outside their comfort zones, question authority as well as their own actions, and manage opposition and concern from many outside influences in pursuit of the truth.

Ultimately their reporting led to the resignation of the new principal, and an invitation to the White House Correspondents Dinner.


Show notes:
The Booster Redux – their school newspaper, and their original printed story

The Kansas City Star article by Neil Nakahado
Story goes national (and subsequently viral) with a pick up by The Washington Post

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