High School Dropout to Teacher of the Year (RR 022)

TED-ED Innovative Educator, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Teacher of the Year Anthony Johnson

Mr. Johnson did not like anything about school as a kid. He failed 4th grade. And 7th grade. And 8th grade. And 9th grade. Finally the system failed him when his high school counselor told him he should quit school, get a GED, and learn a trade. That was forever the end of his primary education.

Today this wonderful human being is an innovative educator driven by the goal to make sure none of his students ever have the same school experience that he did.

He brings a non-conventional, transformative, engaging experience to his classroom that results in his students consistently receiving top scores throughout his school district. He’s also an Apple Distinguished Educator, a TED-Ed Innovator Educator, and the 2016-17 Teacher of the Year for his school district.

Meet Anthony Johnson, 4th grade educator, and the Mayor of “Johnsonville.”

Show notes:

Twitter: @a_p_johnson
Email: anthonyjohnson@me.com
Johnsonville Learning Network
Teach This Way

Apple Distinguished Educators
TED-Ed Innovative Educator

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