Rebel Generations: A Family Trilogy part 3 (RR 019)

Adventure capitalist Riley Temple

This is part 3 and the finale of our special event called Rebel Generations, today featuring Riley Temple.

Riley was not your model “A” student when he was young. According to his teachers he was disruptive and lacked focus (see Part 1 in episode 17 to hear how his mom Jody responded to his teachers upon hearing that). He loved to learn, but didn’t connect with traditional school. So much so in fact, that he felt disrespected by the school system at the time.

At first he didn’t want to go on his family’s trip around the world, he wanted to hang with his friends. But eventually he was ready, and the experience changed everything for him afterwards.

A life long learner, this millennial entrepreneur is a great example of someone who was encouraged to embrace his curiosities and to explore, and he thanks his family for who he is today.


Show notes:

Riley’s personal site
His book Get Going and his explorer package can be found on The Going
His family’s site: The Courage Vibe

Recommended (easy, fast, but powerful) reading:
Do the Work – Steven Pressfield
The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

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