Rebel Generations: A Family Trilogy part 2 (RR 018)

Creative strategist & grandmom Jan Black

This is part 2 of our special event called Rebel Generations, today featuring Jan Black.

Jan had a bit of a tumultuous childhood. Her home was unstable yet strict, and as a coping mechanism she found herself embracing creativity every chance she got growing up.

She did not graduate from college, but her enthusiasm and creativity invited opportunities. With no formal training, she eventually found herself teaching, and writing curriculum and books. She was always willing to try something new, and her mindset approach of “How hard could that be?” has served her well.

How did all of that play into her relationships with Jody and her grandson Riley?
What drives her to continue to create, build, and start new projects to this day?
How did she feel when she was told Riley decided not to go to college?

The wisdom and insights that Jan shares in this episode from her life experiences are truly inspiring.


Show notes:

Jan’s website: The Black Brand

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