Rebel Generations: A Family Trilogy part 1 (RR 017)

Courageous mom: Jody Temple White

Very excited to present to you our special event beginning today called Rebel Generations, a trilogy where we will be sharing 3 unique stories from 3 generations of rebels.

Part 1 features Jody Temple White, a mom who led her whole family in a decision to sell their belongings and travel the world together for 9 months.

What inspired her to make that decision?
What led her to decide she wanted to change high schools right before her senior year?
How did the experience of traveling with her whole family for 9 months affect their relationships?
What types of things does her close-knit family do to stay engaged with one another?

She’s setting a new standard for family dynamic, and she can help all of us who seek tighter relationships with our kids to do the same.


Show notes:

Jody’s book, Riley’s book, and more can be found on Jody’s website: The Courage Vibe
The Courage Vibe on Facebook

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