Rhyming For The Best Reasons (RR 016)

Servant leader: Austin Martin

Although Austin was very bright, he was not a good student in grade school as he couldn’t find any excitement or interest in schoolwork. His interest in hip hop and basketball however was very apparent, as he could recite any lyric from his favorite artists, and any Allen Iverson stat you could think of.

Attending college however was very much a priority in his home, so in high school he buckled down and got serious about his studies. Always the curious person, through his love of hip hop he began to see connections between rap artist lyrics and things he was learning in school.

Combined with and driven by his strong commitment and desire to serve others, this was the genesis of his organization Rhymes With Reason which leverages lyrics from rap music to teach kids SAT vocabulary words and lots more.

Most impressive about Austin though is his greater perspective on his role in the world. His purpose and desire to serve others that drives him and his business, simply makes him an outstanding example of a human being.

Did I mention he’s only a senior in college?

Show notes:
Rhymes With Reason website
On Instagram (check out their free flash cards!)
Austin’s email: withreasoneducation@gmail.com

Other things discussed in this show:
NBA Math Hoops, CEO Khalil Fuller
Austin’s TEDx talk
NPR story on Rhymes With Reason

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